Wednesday, 17 July 2019

TAPP 2 Click Water Filter, Is It Any Good?

What is TAPP 2 Click? 

TAPP 2 Click is a smart water filter for your home that can filter 80+ contaminants including Micro plastics, lead, chlorine and THMs. It is the world's first filter with biodegradable refill cartridges. the cartridges need changing every 3 months and there is an app on android/IOS telling you when you need to change the cartridges and how much you have used. It is a simple, smart, affordable and environmentally friendly way to get fresh, clean water from the taps at your home. The past few weeks I have been using the TAPP 2 Click water filter at my home and I will be sharing my experience on the product on what is good about it, what can be better and why you need one.

The Pros

Difference in Looks & Taste - 

As you can see from the image above there are two glasses full of water, one is filtered water from TAPP 2 and one unfiltered water, as you can switch between filtered and unfiltered water with the TAPP 2. The glass on the left is unfiltered water and the one on the right is filtered. you can see the differences between them, the filtered water looks fresh and clean, while the unfiltered tap water does not look as refreshing. you can notice more in person but pictures don't show it as much.

While they have a difference in looks, they also have a difference in taste, as I can notice the difference when trying unfiltered and filtered tap water. The filtered water is more refreshing to drink and makes the unfiltered water not taste as good all of sudden. After drinking filtered water, I can't go back to drinking straight out of the tap, there is just a vibe of how filthy drinking tap water can be and it shows it when you compare them. Since I have been using TAPP 2 myself, I feel like I have been drinking more water because of the benefits of filtered water.

The MYTAPP App - 

The app that you can download from the IOS/Android store is very easy to use. To get started you have to sign up and register your water filter device. I like the app because of what it tells you such as, how much of the cartridges you have used, how much money you saved, how many bottles have been saved and even how much emissions avoided per year. As good as the app is, it was glitchy for me when trying to register my filter to my device, that could just be me and it might be different for you.

Other Benefits

These are the benefits of TAPP 2 and other filters as you can see from the image above, it is the only filter with benefits that the others don't, such as instant filtering process, the carafe filter does not have this. The Reverse osmosis does not keep essential minerals, low cost and maintenance or that it is natural and sustainable. The TAPP 2 has all of the benefits mentioned. 

The Cons

Like with every other product in the world, there are going to be things that I don't like or things that can be improved, nothing will be flawless.

Not Compatible With All Taps - 

There are taps that are not compatible with the TAPP 2 and unfortunately if you have a tap that is not compatible like the image above shows, then it is best not to buy it as you will probably struggle to fit it, if you even can. Make sure to check if your tap is compatible or not to save the hassle.

Can be Hard to Fit - 

when I got the product out of the box, it comes with two different size adapters, to make it fit for the right tap. I didn't need them but you need to tighten it on to your tap and it should screw on. When I was fitting mine, it would screw on from one side but another part of the product was spinning the other way, so effectively it was not doing anything. Eventually, I figured it out and managed to get it on to my tap.

Even after fitting it though, there were small problems when running water. First of all it would spray water from between the tap and filter, which is not a big problem as its not huge amounts of water. The second problem is that when I am using the filtered water, there is still water coming from the non filtered side as you can see. It does not do that when you are using unfiltered water but it does when using the other side. These problems are not too big of a problem, it can be lived with, it is just a bit of an inconvenience. It could just be my tap and it might be completely different to how it is on your tap, but either way I personally like the product and there is not a big issue with it.

Why You Should Buy The TAPP 2 Click Product - 

Overall it is a great product to use to get clean and fresh water directly from the tap as it can filter out over 80 different contaminants. Despite the small issues it has (for me at least), it can still give you a difference in taste and looks. Once I have started drinking filtered water from the tap, I can't go back. The app is another great feature as it tells you all the different stats from when you need to change your cartridge to how much plastic bottles you are saving. I definitely think there is room for improvement as they should focus on getting it to fit to more taps if that is possible, so more people can get access to fresh water straight from the tap. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get cleaner water, especially if their tap water is very dirty to start with.

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